Dacon holds pigging demonstration event

Dacon holds pigging demonstration event

In January, in Lillestrøm, Norway, Dacon Inspection Services organized their first demonstration of advanced inspection methods for Norwegian oil companies.

The event started off with a pigging test loop of a 6” pipeline. Due to very cold weather with temperatures dropping below minus 20 degrees Celsius, the test loop initially set up outdoors had to be moved indoors. The test loop consisted of different artificial features made on an approximately 15 meter long pipeline. The smallest defect present on the pipe was a hole with a diameter of 2 mm.

After the testing, event attendees were able to analyze the data they had collected during the pig run and did so with great enthusiasm. The event then progressed with a demonstration of Dacon Inspection Service’s own development, the ‘Corrosion under Support’ (CuS) tool. Representatives from the oil companies followed this part of the event with great interest due to its innovative approach to the problem of detecting and quantifying corrosion at support areas and the efficiency and cost savings that the method provides.

The event continued with Dacon Inspection Services technical manager Mr. Jarno De Jonge demonstrating the capabilities of ‘Eddy Current Array technology’, a surface inspection tool which can detect larger areas more efficiently both on welds and in tubular inspections.

The event concluded with Mr. De Jonge presenting some of Dacon Inspection Services R&D projects as well as other project specific solutions for customers.

During the event Dacon AS, the Norwegian equipment sales company of the Dacon Group took the opportunity to demonstrate different video inspection solutions and new technologies.